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2008-01-08, 22:28
let's see what you guys drive in real life
2008-01-08, 22:42
i will start, since gasper gave me the link

Honda Civic sedan (1998) 1.6 VTI (DOHC VTEC)

Engine is 1.6 original with 160 HP

Have modified:
- Fritech race brake pads + brembo discs
- Skunk2 intake (IntegraTypeR version) manifold
- IntegraTypeR exhaust manifold
- ACT prolite flywheel (4kg, stock is about 8kg)
- exedy stage 1 clutch
- Simota Carbon airbox (next year stock ITR airbox)

...engine output is about 170-175HP

Exterior mods:
- Civic type R front grill

- IntegraTypeR JDM Gauges (180km/h speedo)
- Skunk2 weighted knob


More pics later maybe

EDIT: waiting to see what brian will show, since he is into VTEC magic
2008-01-09, 09:06
my car is nothing to be proud of, its 1994 ford mondeo
completly stock, only thing i changed is audio
2 liter engine 136HP, but with LPG system (economics ) so i have less than 136HP, but car is still nippy
my baby handles like a boat (quite comfortable suspention), but since im a grandpa, i prefer it than a sports suspention
i work other town than i live, so i travel quite much (over 100 km every day)

whats most important, car is unfailing, which might be surprise... its ford after all
oh, i also have CB radio, its a nice addon, no more police problems

pics later

Ru7: U may want to check
its my friends site who also owns civic vtec
site is polish, but U will find some nice pics from amateur racing
2008-01-09, 12:02
hmm I'm still in car school and after I would drive probably Nissan Primera 1996 2.0 TD with 90 HP. Green Colored nothing special everything stock so...
2008-01-09, 13:36
Hello all DT racers! Thanks for accepting me into DT everyone! As I registered to your forum, I guess I have to start at some topic, so for the first one I chose this one. This is my ride, that you adleast really ride and not drive

-it is made in China
-it has 4.2 HP
-sport filter
-Akrapovič exhaust
-home made carbon fibre over rear tire
-bigger front sprocket (more speed)
-and ofcourse some beauty makeup
-top speed it around 65 km/h in about 6s

2008-01-09, 17:53
ru7, I will show U my bike with VTEC   :P:P actually I don'y have car, just like trucky, but I will drive Volvo V40 1.9 TDI 115 HP 2004 maybe some day I can afford the Honda Accord V or IV but it's 1998-2002 version
2008-01-09, 21:44
i use to drive Fiat Buggy (1993) for Autocross
- engine is 2.0l inline 4Cyl 16V and it was used in WRC about 20 years ago i use classic engine for start because its cheap and not much electronics in it. Originaly it produces 120HP but mine is modifield with 165HP.
- gearbox is from VW transporter, it has 4+1 strong gears and open diff.
- weight of it is 755kg and it has RWD-Rear Wheel Drive
- DeVito exhaust

currently im working on my seat and wheel's mechanism so it is in parts

2008-01-23, 22:43
I drive this thing, it's just like a jet hehe
2008-01-25, 09:13
hehe, nice one Ches

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